Pittsburgh Tuesday takes

Jan 03, 2013

A new era?: Democrat Rich Fitzgerald becomes Allegheny County's chief executive today. But the new ACE already is behaving a lot like the political bosses of old. And that's not a compliment. He's a flame-throwing, union-kowtowing machinator extraordinaire who has mastered the art of talking out of both sides of his mouth. Fitz will be aided and abetted by a quite malleable Democrat-controlled County Council. There's little reason for optimism.

The opposition: Spayed and neutered is the best way to characterize minority Republicans on Allegheny County Council. But that must change. And it can if new GOP Councilwoman-at-large Heather Heidelbaugh takes charge of her colleagues. Now is the time to be outspoken. Now is the time to educate the public on the dangers of the majority's liberal ignorance.

Mayor's rose: Whether it's a political calculation or a pure public service, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is looking like a rose among the weeds of the property-reassessment debate. While ACE Rich Fitzgerald has been fomenting public outrage just sort of revolution, Luke has been calmly explaining that there is an appeals process and that city government has a responsibility to adjust its millage to comply with anti-windfall provisions. By golly, he's acting downright mayoral .

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