In Memoriam: George Jucha

Jun 07, 2015


Early Sunday morning George Jucha was killed by a car traveling in the wrong lane on Route 22 in Robinson Twp. Aged 50, George was a generous and experienced help to the Protect Our Parks and Pittsburgh350 groups, and his departure will be a real loss. In addition to helping his family run a business, Independent Recycling Services, George was a very-well respected faculty member in the Computer Science Department at the University of Pittsburgh. Our condolences go out to George’s family.

In a personal tribute Dianne Peterson writes:

The shock, tragedy and the waste of this situation overcomes me. George was the quiet, steady guy in the back of the room who you could count on. He gave everything to his students as well as to the causes that he knew were right and just.

He earned the highest possible ratings of University Professors (#16 in the Nation!) from students on “rate my professor” and yet was one of the most humble men I have known. He worked tirelessly to document facts and video to aid in a fight against Fracking, a practice he found to be harmful to the health of our land and people. George was kind, thoughtful, solid, dependable, and always had a warm smile and greeting. I will miss George’s steadfast advocacy, sincerity, and grace. I will miss his quiet and heartfelt “thank you’s” to me when it was he that I felt was the one more deserving of thanks.

The unfairness of this unbearable, a man who gave so much to so many taken by a drunk driver who lives on.
In honor of my friend George, Please take a moment to check out some of his work from his website; “Knowledge is Power – We Can Do Better”.

Thank you George, you will be sorely missed!